Whiplash Compensation in the UK

Road Traffic Accident Injuries

One of the most common forms of personal injury inquiry relates to whiplash compensation claims where the injured party has been involved in a road traffic accident where another motorist has hit the back of the claimers motor vehicle.

The impact of the collision pushes the victims head forward then backward with immense force resulting in a movement that gives it its name sake, the whiplash. Those injured parties who experience whiplash often suffer a multitude of pains and symptoms which can often include:

  • Neck pains
  • Stiff neck
  • painful or mild headaches
  • Pains in the shoulders or across the back and in the shoulder blades
  • Tingling and or numbness in the arms and hands
  • intermittent blurred vision
  • Sleep disturbance

This list is not extensive or indeed exhaustive and the symptoms can often vary from person to person.

The fact remains however that if you have suffered a whiplash injury in the last three years and you have not made a claim for compensation then you should investigate the same with a no obligation and free legal advice service. A legal service where you can speak direct personal injury attorneys who can help you through the whole claims process from start to finish.

When it comes to compensation claims services there are hundreds of personal injury attorneys across the UK dealing with whiplash compensation claims matters on no win no fee deal so make sure you pursue your claim with confidence under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which means you won 't have to pay a penny if you should be unjust to lose your case.

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