Self-Hypnosis For Writers – Write More and Sell More

Want to become a prolific writer? You can achieve all of your writing goals with self hypnosis. Discover how in this article.

Self hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn, very quickly and easily. The best way to learn is to visit a hypnotherapist. One session is ample. Learning from a professional means that you'll understand how it feels to be hypnotized, and you'll be able to trigger this mind state at will.

1. Hypnosis Is Focused Attention – Become a Focused Writer

Let's start by defining hypnosis. It's simply focused attention. You're hypnotized many times each day: when you concentrate on your work, and forget about your surroundings, or when you're watching a movie and become totally engrossed for example.

Being able to hypnotize yourself at will is very useful for a writer: you'll write more easily and you'll write more easily.

I first discovered hypnosis in high school, where I found that it enabled me to enhance my memory, so that I could study well, and pass exams easily.

Much later, I discovered the power of self hypnosis for my writing. I can now give myself suggestions and complete writing tasks more quickly, so that I'm more productive.

2. Give Yourself Suggestions

Once you've learned self hypnosis, use it. The more you use it, the more proficient you'll become at it.

There are three steps in any hypnosis session: the induction, suggestions, and the return to waking consciousness. When you become expert, you can compress these steps, so that you can go through a complete session within minutes.

As you can imagine, this gives you a great deal of control for your writing – all you need to do is remember to use this tool.

Your aim with your suggestions is to suggest. For example, a suggestion may be: "Now you're writing, easily and effortlessly, you're completely focused on your writing, and you're amazed at how much you've written …"

3. Set Goals and Write Your Own Scripts

Self hypnosis is powerful, and you can use it to achieve any goals you please.

Start by setting one goal for your writing. Because you're new at self hypnosis, you'll get the best results if you write a script, record it, and then listen to it several times.

Your script will include an induction, for total physical relaxation, several suggestions, and a command to return to waking consciousness.

As you record your script, leave pauses where appropriate.

A tip: listen to your recording over several weeks. For example, three times the first week, and then once a week for another three or four weeks.

Self hypnosis is an amazing tool for writers. If you're not achieving as much as you know you could in your writing, try it.

Source by Angela Booth

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