How To Sell Wholesale Merchandise To Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are great customers for wholesalers.

They are usually located in high traffic locations which means that they have plenty of customers on a daily basis.

A high number of customers translates into large volume sales for dollar stores that have the right selection of wholesale merchandise.

This is what makes dollar stores idea customers for wholesalers.

The owners of dollar stores are always looking for high quality and attractively priced merchandise for their stores.

Since they are also selling their products at the dollar range, most of their products move pretty fast.

This high turn over means that dollar stores need to reorder merchandise at a frequent basis.

A wholesaler who has a dollar store as a customer will be able to move plenty of merchandise since his customer is moving that same merchandise out of his store at a rapid pace.

To be able to wholesale to dollar stores you need to do the following.

1. Ask dollar store owners what type of merchandise they need. Then look for sources of this merchandise.

2. Find out what price they are paying for their merchandise. Most people will tell you this information since they want you to be able to offer them a lower price.

3. Price your wholesale dollar store merchandise low. This way the dollar store owner can move volume and reorder from you more often.

These three steps might sound simple, and they actually are. But you would be surprised at how many wholesalers forget this simple formula.

Use this formula and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of wholesaling to dollar stores.

Source by Donny Lowy

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